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Redbubble Sales w/e 7.4.13.

Redbubble Sales 1.4.13 - 7.4.14.

Gifts As Unique As You Are
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Sold a sticker of Gothic WTF

Sold a greeting card of What’s on A Man’s Mind

Sold a t-shirt of Chat Noir – Steinlein

Sold a greeting card of Olive Thomas
Sensual art focusing on femininity and the diversity of emotion women can evoke. Nude art that portrays women positively and in control. My acrylic artwork is a tribute to women and their natural beauty: my work celebrates the female form and the voluptous curves of the mature woman. My nude art focuses on sensuality, fun and glamour with the ocassional injection of postcard cheekiness and naughtiness. Nude art is a wonderful way to acknowledge your partner: perfect for the bedroom these works ooze romance and the subject is both beautiful and timeless.
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Sold a t-shirt of Butterfly Metamorphosis
To catch a lot of gorgeous butterflies you need to become as colorful and sunny as they are. An animal rights t-shirt that twists the fate of the butterfly catcher.

Sold a t-shirt of Kitesurfers Pray for Wind
Kitesurfing or kiteboarding is a surface water sport combining aspects of wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding, and gymnastics into one extreme sport.
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Sold a t-shirt of Daffodil Emblem
Symbolizing rebirth and new beginnings, the daffodil is virtually synonymous with spring. Though their botanic name is narcissus, daffodils are sometimes called jonquils, and in England, because of their long association with Lent, they’re known as the “Lent Lily.”
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Lore connecting the daffodil to not only a sign of winter’s end but a lucky emblem of future prosperity is found throughout the world. In Wales, it’s said if you spot the first daffodil of the season, your next 12 months will be filled with wealth, and Chinese legend has it that if a daffodil bulb is forced to bloom during the New Year, it will bring good luck to your home.

Sold a sticker of Sufi Meditation
Courtesy Wikimedia here
Sufi whirling (or Sufi spinning), (Arabic: رقص سماع‎) is a turning meditation that originated among Sufis, which is still practiced by the Dervishes of the Mevlevi order. It is a symbolic ritual through which dervishes (also called semazens) aim to reach the “perfect” (kemal). The aim is to abandon one’s nafs, egos or personal desires, by listening to God and the music (hence the term sema), thinking about God and whirling which has been compared to the orbiting of the planets in the Solar System around the sun.
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Sold a greeting card of Puppy Porn ….The Bitches

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