Saturday, April 13, 2013

Plums, Cherries, Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots and Almond Blossom - Prunus Blossom

Prunus is a genus of trees and shrubs, which includes the plums, cherries, peaches, nectarines, apricots and almonds.

Prunus Blossom by taiche
Prunus Blossom by taiche
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Cherry Blossom by taiche
Cherry Blossom by taiche

Photography Prints

Birthday Wishes by taiche Happy Mother's Day by taiche Apricot Blossom by taiche
Plum Blossom by taiche Peach Tree At Dawn by taiche Seamless Peach Blossom by taiche
Peach Pollen in Pink by taiche Bark, Blossom, and Blue Sky by taiche Honey Bee on Lemon Tree by taiche
Apricot Blossom Macro by taiche Peach Blossom at Dawn by taiche Bundan iyisi Şam'da kayısı by taiche
Peach Blossom Macro by taiche Red and White Blossom by taiche Blossom Cluster by taiche
Pubescent Apricot by taiche Apple Blossom Newbie by taiche Coronation Apple - Macro by taiche
Apple Blossom by taiche Apricot Blossom Triptych  by taicheApple Blossom Macro by taiche
A Hint of Apricot by taiche Banana Heart by taiche Apricot Blossom At Dawn by taiche
Have A Wonderful Birthday by taiche Five Petals Per Blossom by taiche A Blur of Apricot Blossom by taiche
Untouched at DayBreak by taiche The Beautiful Unknown by taiche Peach Tree Blossom Macro by taiche
Cherry Blossom by taiche Prunus Blossom by taiche Cherry Blossom by taiche
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click on Peach Blossom - blossom, flower, fruit tree, leaves, macro, peach tree, peach blossom to enlarge!click on Apricot Blossom - apricot, prunus, armeniaca, trees, leaves, blossom, tree blossom to enlarge! click on Apple Blossom Macro - apple, apple tree, apples, blossom, , fruit tree, pink blossom to enlarge!

click on Apple Blossom - apple, apple tree, apples, blossom, blossoms, fruit tree, pink blossom to enlarge!
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