Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lion Portrait in Cubist Style

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The lion is a symbol for deathless courage, strength, fearlessness, bravery and royalty. Its body has been used in mythological creatures and in most cases when composing the body of the sphinx in Egyptian community.
Seen as the lord of the land, the lion is compared to the Eagle which is supreme in the air. Lion is one of the favorite symbols of leadership, warriors and emperors. It is not only seen as a leader on earth but also in the spiritual realms. The lion has speed, is alert and has power, this represents all that is majestic. Just like the eagle, Kings and emperors have long included it on their coat of arms to symbolize supreme strength.
Lion as a symbol of power, courage and strength was seen by Egyptians to represent wealth. They used the lion on tribe banners at the time when Moses took the Israelites out of Egypt. In today’s world since the roar of the animal is strong, it is often associated with fearlessness. The lion has captured imagination of human beings for many centuries as a sign of majesty. When the animal is carved on statues they are commonly found guarding palaces, bridges, temples and tombs. Its strength and courage have made it to be associated with power as well as grandeur. This animal knows how to get what he wants since they have the ability to knock off balance the life of the enemy or prey. Because of its noble character, strength and courage, the lion’s totem represents great power humans may have like self-control and balance of life which leads to own personal power. The lion has many valuable lessons to teach us and these lessons remain the symbols that they are associated with: self control, personal strength and courage and balance.
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Lion Portrait in Cubist Style by taiche Lion Portrait in Cubist Style by taiche Lion Portrait in Cubist Style by taiche Lion Portrait in Cubist Style by taiche
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