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Honey Bee On Purple Flowerby taiche

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Since time began, honey and bees have been part of the great myths of humanity and have always been extraordinarily potent symbols.
The birth of bees:
According to the ancient Greeks, all of Nature’s phenomena had divine origins. Bees were a source of great fascination, and their mysterious origins inspired the legend of Aristæus: Aristæus, the son of the god Apollo, had a beehive. But he wanted to seduce Eurydice, Orpheus’ wife, who died from a snake bite because she had refused Aristæus’ advances. In revenge, Orpheus destroyed Aristæus’ hive. To appease the wrath of the gods, Aristæus sacrified four bulls and four heifers. From their entrails, new swarms suddenly appeared, so Aristæus was able to rebuild his hive and teach beekeeping to men. . This legend is told by Virgil, the great Latin poet, in his famous ’’Georgics’’. Like the ancient Greeks, he believed that bees were born spontaneously from animal corpses.
In the texts of ancient Egypt, bees were born from the tears of Râ, the Sun God. When the tears fell onto the soil, they were transformed into bees that built honeycombs and produced honey
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Honey Bee On Purple Flower by taiche Honey Bee On Purple Flower by taiche
 Honey Bee On Purple Flower by taiche Honey Bee On Purple Flower by taiche

The Honey Bee's Passion by taiche Honeybee on Lemon Blossom  by taiche Honey Bee on Lemon Tree by taiche
Kalanit and Honey Bees by taiche Bee on Blue Eyed Daisy by taiche Passion Flower and Honey Bees by taiche
Honey Bees and Pink Anenome by taiche The Last Square Meal of the Day by taiche Honey Bee On Purple Flower by taiche

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