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Blue Hues and Beautiful Bays - Gifts of Turkish Delight

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The road southwards from Mugla to Marmaris rises to the mountain pass of Sakar at a thousand metres, and from there begins to wind its way down. The views from here are spectacularly beautiful.
Far below is a broad fertile plain stretching all the way to Dalaman, through whose orchards the Marmaris road runs beneath the shade of eucalyptus trees to the shores of the Aegean.
The name of this plain is Gökova, Plain of the Sky. When you catch sight of Gökova and its picturesque small port of Akyaka from your vantage point on the mountain side, it is impossible not to be astonished.
‘The sea suddenly appearing behind a hill is lovelier than all dreams of paradise, more astounding than any new inventions,’ says Sabahattin Eyüboglu, and adds, ‘If you are not surprised every time you see the sea, the world and people, then do not bother to read poetry. You will never understand it.’
The Gulf of Gökova is a narrow tapering fjord, more than 80 kilometres in length and 35 kilometres wide at the mouth, lying between the Bodrum and Resadiye peninsulas.
Although from a distance the gulf appears as calm as a mirror, this appearance is deceptive, and strong winds off the open sea can put seamen through their paces here. It is this gulf, with its myriad inlets, coves and bays, and beautiful wooded shores, which is the principal destination for the famous Blue Cruises. Courtesy Gökova Gulf – Turkey


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