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Brighten Someone's Day - Yellow Rose Gifts

The colour of a rose has special significance:
Yellow Roses : Joy,and Friendship.
Yellow Roses, can send the perfect message of appreciation and platonic love without the romantic subtext of other colors. They can represent feelings of joy and delight, and are an ideal way to brighten someone's day who may be feeling down. There is perhaps no other flower that is able to bring out a smile in quite the way that a yellow rose can.
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Yellow Roses can be found throughout my store:
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A Good Friend by taicheA Good Friend by taiche
Click the links to see all of my Redbubble Yellow Rose Paintings,Yellow Rose Photography, Yellow Rose Greeting Cards, Yellow Rose Stickers, Yellow Rose Tees, and T-Shirts at Arttowear
Yellow Rose on Black Background by taiche
Click the links to see all of my Redbubble Rose Paintings, Rose Photography, Rose Greeting Cards,
Rose Stickers, Red Rose Tees, and Rose T-Shirt at Arttowear

A Good Friend by taiche A Good Friend by taiche
Yellow Rose (Friendship) by taiche Yellow Rose (Friendship) by taicheYellow Rose (Good Companions) by taiche
Roses and numbers
Every denomination of roses serves a unique meaning in itself. So if you are seeking to send roses with a message in mind, this list should help you make a decision:

1 Rose - Love at first sight; you are the one
3 Roses - I love you
12 Roses - There are a dozen ways I care about you
18 Roses - I am sorry
24 Roses - Can't stop thinking of you - 24 hours a day
36 Roses - A romantic attachment unlike any other
48 Roses - An unchanging and unconditional love
99 Roses - I will love you for as long as I live
100 Roses - Devoted to you until we are at a ripe-old age
108 Roses - Please Marry Me!
999 Roses - Everlasting and eternal love

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Roses and colours
Here's a brief mention about the significance of rose colours and combinations:

•Red: An expression of love; a symbol of courage and respect
•Pink: Admiration; a new love that has yet to bloom, appreciation, motherly love
•White: Innocence, purity, secrecy, marriage, loyalty, reverence and humility
•Yellow: Joy and deep friendship or platonic love. It could also denote jealousy, infidelity, a dying love and farewell.
•Blue: Mystery, the impossible and the unattainable
•Purple: Love at first sight, enchantment and all things magical

by Taiche Acrylic Art

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Roses in religion and mythology

Roses have always been symbols of love and beauty, since ancient times. The rose was 
sacred to the Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite and thus the ancient Greeks and Romans 
associated roses with the Goddess.  Another Goddess that has been associated with roses is the Egyptian Goddess Isis. 

In ancient
 Egypt, roses were considered the most sacred of flowers and were used as offerings for Isis.
Roses have also been known to be found in Egyptian tombs, where they have been used as 
funerary wreaths.

The rose is also often used to symbolize the Virgin Mary. It is said that roses are Mary's 
favourite flowers, and she used roses as a sign of her presence several times in history.

 She wore three garlands of roses and had tiny roses around the rim of her slippers at 
La Sallette. 

She brought lovely roses with her at Lourdes, Pontmain, Pellevoisin, Beauraing and Banneaux.
 To Sister Josefa Menendez she showed her immaculate heart encircled with little white roses. 
Mary's wedding garment was also said to be “richly embroidered with blue, white, violet, and 
gold roses”. It is said that at the Incarnation, while the Angel vanished into the path leading to
 heaven, half-bloomed roses fell on Mary. 

With all these associations with the beautiful flower, it is no surprise that Mary is referred to as
the Mystical Rose, or Rosa Mystica in Latin. 

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Roses in history
Roses created an impact on history as well:
◦In England :
In the 15 th century, the English were already cultivating and making hybrids of roses. Tudor Henry VII, the winner of the English War of Roses created the Rose of England by crossbreeding other roses. This Rose is also known as the Tudor Rose.

◦In China :
Philosopher Confucius was said to have reported that the Imperial Chinese library is well-stocked with books on roses.

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◦In Mesopotamia :
Ancient Sumerians mentioned roses in a cuneiform tablet (a system of writing). It was written approximately 2860 BC.
Other facts about roses
As a National, State and Provincial flower

◦The rose is the national flower of England and the United States
◦The white rose is the provincial flower of Yorkshire and the red rose is the flower for Lancashire – both provinces in England
◦The rose is also the state flowers for Iowa, North Dakota, Georgia and New York
◦Portland, Oregon is also known as the City of Roses and holds a Rose Festival at a yearly basis.
As a symbol of secrecy
Sub Rosa, a Latin phrase translates into “under the rose” which basically means secrecy or confidentiality.

The rose and its connotation of secrecy started way back in Ancient Egypt and Greek Mythology.

In ancient Egypt , the rose was the Emblem for the God Horus. Horus was later known as the God of Silence.

In Greek mythology, it was said that Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and beauty gave her son Eros (Cupid) a rose. He in turn, gave it to Harpocrates (Horus), the God of Silence to make certain that his mother's indiscretions were kept under wraps.

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