Saturday, October 6, 2012

Do you know someone that loves peacocks?

Peacock gifts. Do you know someone that loves peacocks? 
Find them the perfect gift here!
The beauty of the peacock is loved by so many. Their beautiful feathers impress more than just the peahens.
Browse around and find the perfect gift or something for you. The amazing eyes on the feathers make the peacock such a unique animal. Find a fun pillow, a dish for you cat, and even a reusable grocery bag. There is something for everyone.

Peacock Symbolism

The peacock is a symbol of immortality because the ancients believed that the peacock had flesh that did not decay after death. As such, early Christian paintings and mosaics use peacock imagery, and peacock feathers can be used during the Easter season as church decorations. This symbol of immortality is also directly linked to Christ.

The peacock naturally replaces his feathers annually; as such, the peacock is also a symbol of renewal.



A 35×70cm acrylic painting on canvas, framed and available for sale.Completed 12.8.11.
Proud As A Peacock is available as Greeting Cards, Postcards, Prints, and Posters at Redbubble.
Proud As A Peacock by taicheProud As A Peacock by taiche

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