Sunday, March 11, 2012

Horse and Bridle: Gifts for Girls

Taiche offers you horse gifts adapted from an original work of art. Horse and Bridle is a contemporary fauvist painting of a horses head, bridle and reins. Girls and horses go hand in hand: check out my full range of horse themed gifts and make your special girl happy with a unique custom gift. This delightful image would appeal to any equestrian: choose from a gift range that offers home décor, jewelry and apparel for people of all ages and sizes.

The horse is a symbol for velocity, vitality and beauty and represents power like that of the wind, storm, fire and waves. White horses symbolize peace, red horses are have association as war horse and a black horse was the symbol of mourning
Original painted on 24x32 canvas. SOLD. 

My Little Pony ( Jade and Tan)

  • My Little Pony (Purple and Green)

    • My Little Pony (Blue and Brown)

    • My Little Pony (Yellow and Blue)

My Little Pony ( Jade and Tan) by ArtToWearMy Little Pony (Purple and Green) by ArtToWearMy Little Pony (Blue and Brown) by ArtToWearMy Little Pony (Yellow and Blue) by ArtToWear

Neon Pony by 

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