Thursday, March 15, 2012

Flutterby Fairy - Fantasy Butterfly Gifts

Flutterby is an original acrylic painting by taiche completed in 2009. This work is surrealistic and enchanting image and depicts a 1920's 'flapper' with butterfly wings ... the metamorphosis of a flutterby ......
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Flutterby: The Original ArtworkFlutterby Fairy with LeavesFlutterby Fairy PNG
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A surrealistic image combining butterfly with 1920’s flapper. An original work of art: acrylic on canvas. The original is framed and has been sold to Oner 25 August 2009
To see the original work of art which is available for sale as Greeting Cards, Matted Prints, Laminated Prints, Mounted Prints, Canvas Prints, Framed Prints and Posters check out Taiche's sister site at Redbubble Flutterby
For Sale As Greeting Card, Matted Print, Laminated Print, Mounted Print, Canvas Print and Framed Print
Flutterby Fantasy by taiche Flutterby Fairy by ArtToWear

Style: Girly Fitted T-Shirt

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My T-Shirt designs are PNG files and have transparent backgrounds. This means that you can customize any product. Upload your own images, change the size and location of existing images and add text in hundreds of fonts and colors to make that truly personal gift. It's fun and easy!

  • If you want more choices and even more gift options you can customize any product in my Zazzle and 3dRose Stores: change the size and location of existing images and add text in hundreds of fonts and colors to make that truly personal gift. It’s fun and it’s easy!
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