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Bullfight - Contemporary Acrylic Art on Custom Gifts

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The constellation of the bull (Taurus) is in such a position as to welcome the sun's motion during the vernal equinox. Meaning, the constellation of Taurus corresponds to the motions of the spring in western astrology (May 14 to June 19). This also conjures symbolism of abundance, replenishment and subsidy as spring is a time when the earth experiences her renewal.
Astrologically speaking the bull symbol is one-in-the-same with the Taurus (and the word Taurus means bull in Latin). Traits of the Taurean personality could be considered very "bull like" because these people can be incredibly powerful in both physical and spiritual presence. To be sure, a Taurus who has made his or her mind up will be unmovable.
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Bullfight 1 by taiche

Bullfight 1 by taiche Bullfight 1 by taiche
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Bullfight 2 by taiche Bullfight 2 by taiche

Bullfight 2 by taiche

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To the Greeks, the bull was an attribute of Zeus (as represented by the constellation of Taurus) who transformed himself into a glistening white bull. Fully tame and quite striking, Zeus (in the guise of the white bull) unassumingly planted himself amongst the herds in an effort to capture the attention of the lovely Europa with whom Zeus was completely smitten. Classic art will show Europa riding a white bull. This is Zeus in the form of a bull, and will touch on symbolism of passion, transformation, virility, strength and fulfillment.
Bullfight 1 by taiche
Bullfight 1 by taiche Bull Fight In Brown by taiche Bullfight 2 by taiche
Year of The Ox  by taiche Year of the Ox by taiche Bull Fight in Lilac by taiche

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The “Bull-Fight” series represents Bull Wrestling and were produced as Commissioned Pieces for a private collector living in Turkey.

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Bullfight 1 - Original Artwork

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