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Mothering Sunday Cards, Gifts, Novelties and Collectables

The modern Mother's Day is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in May, March, or April as a day to honor mothers and motherhood.
In the UK and Ireland, it follows the old traditions of Mothering Sunday, celebrated in March/April.

Happy Mother's DayHappy Mother's Day cardHappy Mother's Day mug

Mother's Day Rose

With Love With Love card  With Love sticker

Red Roses can be found throughout my store:
Vintage Rose cardVintage Valentine cardMother's Day Rose cardPassion and Love cardA red Rose cardRed Rose (Love, Courage and Respect) cardWith Love card

Red Roses have been represented in countless works of art, from classical paintings and poetry to modern day music and media.

The Heart of the Rose cardA Beating Heart postcardFor the Love of Roses cardOlive Thomas - Vintage Meets 80s Retro cardOlive Thomas card

Precious Moments I Love Ewe Mum A Very Special Mother
Happy Mother's Day - Abstract Calla Happy Mothers Day - White Calla Lilies It Takes A Friend To Be Mom
Mother's Day Everyday Mothers Day Greetings - Tulips Wonderful Mother's Day - Calla's In Vase
Your Loving Nature and Delicate Words

Carnations are probably the most popular flowers associated with Mother’s Day. According to legend, this association dates back to when Mary shed tears for Jesus, which fell on the ground and allegedly turned into beautiful carnations.

Vintage Dianthus - Photo Album cardDreamy Dianthus cardBouquest of Carnations cardAntique Carnations In A Golden Frame cardStriped Carnations card

for more Carnation gifts.

Violet Carnation Card cardCarnation cardDianthus caryophyllus cardCarnation 'Queen' cardCarnation And Water Drops Greeting Card card

Pink roses symbolise a mother’s love for her child.
Pink Roses cardJune Birthday cardPink Rose (Grace, Elegance, Romance) card

Pink Roses Card cardPink Roses iPhone 4 Case speckcaseBeautiful Rose Canvas printPink Roses Postage Stamps stampTextile Designs Beautiful Pink Roses card
There are a number of other flowers that symbolise love, but the best ones for Mother’s Day are:
Purity, Innocence and Love cardCrazy Daisy cardCommon Daisy cardDaisies on Parade cardDaisy's Wild card

The modest, unassuming beauty of the daisy has a playful, childlike character that brings joy and happiness wherever it arrives. The many colored options of the daisy provide ample opportunity to match this lovely flower to a specific personality. No other flower can match the daisy for pure joy.
The daisy signifies innocence, I'll never tell, purity, love that conquers all.
The daisy is also associated with the fifth wedding anniversary
African Daisy Collage cardSingle White Flower cardAfrican Daisy cardOsteospermum cardWhite Daisy Macro card

Loves Me, Loves Me Not Greeting Card cardOxeye Daisy 1 Greeting Card cardVintage - White Daisies cardVictorian Daisies - Greeting Card cardOxeye Daisy 2 Greeting Card card

Epitomizing childlike joy and playfulness, this April birth flower captures the essence of spring’s happy-go-lucky, forever-young attitude.

Daisy Birthday Card cardDaisy Birthday Card cardHappy Birthday cardDaisy Happy Birthday cardHappy Birthday card
Forget Me Not cardForget Me Not cardForget Me Not cardForget Me Not cardForget Me Not card

Seville Orange Blossom cardWashington Navel Orange card

Magenta Zinnia cardSpring Zinnias (fuschia background) cardZinnia Fiesta Vintage Zinnias by Louis Benoit van Houtte cardOrange Zinnia Card card

For a stunning gift, send her some Violets – this lovely dark purple bloom signifies faithfulness and devotion, so are a lasting reminder of your appreciation for your mother’s devotion to you.

Viola Macro cardViola Cornuta card
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