Thursday, February 23, 2012

Choosing art is no more daunting than choosing paint or furniture.

Consider these two scenarios:

1 – You’ve been lucky enough to sell your old house and move into your new dream home. 
2 – You can’t afford, or be bothered with all that in the present climate and have decided to spruce up the old place instead.

If you’re in either of these two situations, you’ll very likely be decorating, moving the furniture around, throwing out a few old dust collectors and splashing out on some trendy must have accessories… candles, driftwood and scatter cushions anyone?
You might even invest in carpets, curtains and blinds and lighting to complete the makeover. Looks fab! What’s the betting however, after all that time, effort and investment, the old pictures go straight back up on the walls?

We’ve all done it. It’s as though the walls are a no go area. Paint, yes. Paintings – well, the old ones will do, won’t they? Like hallowed turf, we disturb ‘the balance’ at our peril. Of course, there may be good reasons not to change the artwork. You may have inherited that ‘special’ piece from a relative, or bought that ‘blandscape’ whilst on holiday 10 years ago, but ask yourself honestly whether you actually still like them or even still look at them! Then there is the conundrum of having redecorated, having to ask yourself whether those pictures really work in their new setting? And, what about the frames? – they’re looking a little tired too…

Choosing art is no more daunting than choosing paint or furniture. Neither does it have to be expensive or created by a ‘famous’ artist. There is no shortage of less established artists creating unique and individual work which could become sound investments for the future. Of course, you may have no interest in art as investment, but good art can transform the look and feel of a room completely. It is making a statement about your personality and aspirations.

Purple Vortex Aqua Vortex Earth Vortex
Blue Circles

Blue Geometry Magenta Moments Pink Carousel
Teal Geometry Green Geometry Earth Tones
Green Aqua Shooting Star
Eggplant Eleven Tyrian Stars Violet Byzantium
Aubergine Diamonds

Orange Collision Orange Go Zanier Orange Catherine Wheel
Red and Yellow Flame
Blue Infinity Aqua and Purple Twist
Rainbow Psychedelia Red Cocktail Straws
Pink Afterglow Pink Perfectionist
Fuchsia Frenzy 
Rainbow Evolution Rainbow Ripple 
Rainbow River Rainbow Swirl
Pink Shockwave Pink - Kinky
Orange Eclipse Orange and Yellow Feathers

Finally, art doesn’t of course just mean painting! Photography is making a big comeback at the moment and a well chosen piece will be equally as impressive in the right setting. As well as the well trodden ground of nature and landscapes, consider abstract photographic art. Whatever you choose however, good lighting is essential to bring a picture to life. Budgeting a little for that will make a huge difference.

So before you hang the old pictures back up, ask yourself whether they need to move on too. After all, you’ve spent a lot of time updating your home to reflect your current lifestyle and life choices and fresh art should be an important consideration as part of that renewal.

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