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Iris Gifts: The Flower of Faith, Valor and Wisdom

Associated with the twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. It should come as no surprise that the iris's three upright petals symbolize faith, valour and wisdom. They are also symbolize valued friendship, hope, my compliments and passion.
A birth flower is a flower symbol for the month of someone's birth. There is a birth flower or two that represent every month in which a person was born. They are also called birth month flower. It is a special and personalized gift to send birth flowers for someone's birthday.

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There’s something beautiful about a framed image hanging serenely on a wall.
 Light Iris in my Zazzle 2011 Portfolio
Light Iris binderLight Iris mugLight Iris speckcaseLight Iris tieLight Iris speckcase

Whatever the day or occasion taiche has got the gift. If you need help in finding the perfect gift or if you require amendments to a product in store please contact me and I will do my very best to help.
Light Switch cover, Desk Clock, Wall Clock
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click on Iris Planifolia - iris, flower, flowers, birth flowerfaith, hope, wisdom, courage to enlarge! click on Iris Planifolia - iris, flower, flowers, birth flowerfaith, hope, wisdom, courage to enlarge!
Taiche - Birthday - Irises
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Light Iris card Iris Birthday Card (Large Print) cardLily & Iris Birthday cardIris Birthday cardSpring Iris Birthday Greeting Card card
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Irises In Vase (Van Gogh) cardIrises - Vincent Willem van Gogh cardIris Planifolia cardPurple Iris Iris 'Rainbow' Birthday Card (February) card
February, Primrose: Modesty, distinction, and virtue and Iris : Faith, wisdom, and hope
An alternate February UK birth flower is the violet.

Happy Birthday Iris Greeting Card Iris Planifolia Greeting Cards Iris Planifolia Greeting Cards Light Iris Greeting Cards Iris Planifolia Cards Iris 'Rainbow' Birthday Card (February) Purple Iris "Happy Birthday" Card Purple Iris "Happy Birthday" Greeting Card
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This February birthflower comes in blue, purple, yellow and white.
Iris express peace of mind, Friendship, Faith, Hope, and Wisdom.

February, Primrose: Modesty, distinction, and virtue and Iris : Faith, wisdom, and hope
An alternate February UK Birth Flower is the Violet.

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